Austin Event: John Lennox and Steven Weinberg

UPDATE: Sadly, Professor Weinberg has withdrawn from this event. Philosophy professor Daniel Bonevac will take his place, and the event will proceed as planned.

Also, for some reason, “Veritas Forum” has been scrubbed from the promotional materials, so the new poster is below.

For those of you in the Austin, Texas area, the Veritas Forum is hosting a dialogue between John Lennox and Steven Weinberg Daniel Bonevac. For those who can’t make it, Veritas tends to post videos of their events on their website, so check in with them afterward.



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  1. Hi Sarah, Hope your week is going smoothly. I have a question about the flyer that you posted on six day. Do you know if it came from Veritas forum? Thanks, Karen

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    On Jan 26, 2016, at 4:08 PM, SixDay Science wrote: Sarah Salviander posted: “For those of you in the Austin, Texas area, the Veritas Forum is hosting a debate between two intellectual titans, John Lennox (Christian) and Steven Weinberg (atheist). For those who can’t make it, Veritas tends to post videos of their events on their we”

  2. I just heard that Weinberg chickened out and withdrew after having committed weeks ago. Typical, they talk a good show, but, when faced with a formidable opponent, instead of a lightweight like Ken Hamm, they don’t have the guts to defend their faith (in atheism).

  3. There’s more to this story. I’m going to talk to some of the people involved and see what happened.

  4. So, Sarah, how’s your update coming along? Word on the street is that Weinberg found out what an exceptional debater and scholar Oxford’s Lennox is, and pulled out, not wanting to be embarrassed. This is just another example of the atheists’ avoiding any encounter with a worthy opponent, because they know how flawed their argument is.

  5. I won’t find out what happened until later in the week. I have no idea if the “word on the street” is accurate, but I do know that Veritas emphasizes that they do NOT host debates. These are supposed to be civil dialogues where scholars exchange ideas, so there is no reason for anyone to feel like they’re going toe-to-toe with an opponent.

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for posting this event. I attended the event featuring Dr. John Lennox tonight. What was supposed to be a debate titled ‘Has Science Rendered Belief in God Irrelevant’ turned into a conversation between the moderator Dr. Daniel Bonevac and Dr. Lennox. It became a watered down Q&A session with Dr. Bonevas asking Dr. Lennox a series of prepared questions for about 90 minutes.The last 30 minutes was Dr. Bonevac selecting audience questions printed on 3×5″ cards. Dr. Lennox did an excellent job in both segments of the event. He ended by explaining why belief in the Christian God was the logical choice to make when one follows all of the evidence.
    What is it about elite universities such as UT where they should welcome a debate on the big questions of life but instead choose to censure faculty from participating in the free, open exchange of ideas? God forbid that students would be taught to listen to both sides of an argument and then draw their own conclusions based on the soundness of the arguments and the evidence.

  7. Veritas is insistent that these events are not supposed to be debates, but dialogues.

    In any case, it was Weinberg himself who withdrew, much to everyone’s disappointment. I asked some of the people involved, but have not been able to find out why he declined to participate after initially agreeing.

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