Our Mission

This blog is dedicated to the advancement of one of the blessings of Christianity — modern science. Our goals are to inform Christians and others about the latest developments in science and to discuss how these advances relate to their beliefs and philosophy. We are guided in this effort by two principles:

The truth will set you free

You shall not give false testimony

Science has become the focal point of a great debate between those who believe in Christianity and those who oppose it. In this religious struggle, science has often been misrepresented, ignored, and even corrupted. People on both sides of the debate have been guilty of the abuse of science. For the good of all, this needs to stop.

Our goal is to honestly inform anyone who genuinely cares about science, to spark peoples’ imaginations, to encourage productive discussion, and to have some fun with science. We will never knowingly misrepresent the findings of science nor claim that science can do more that it is designed to do.

I am a professional scientist who became Christian in large part because of what I learned about our universe as a graduate student. This was my choice, because the combination of science and Christian belief has answered most of the big questions I have about existence. But I do not intend to try to convince others to make the same choice. I hope instead that this website can provide information that will help people answer the questions they have about their own lives and their place in the universe.

Sarah Salviander, Ph.D.

Co-founder of SixDay Science
Editor of SixDay Science Blog

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