The Great Debate: Is There Evidence for God?

Update: Be sure to check out our analysis of The Great Debate.

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Re-posting this, since today’s the day. I will be tuning in, and will present a critique of both sides on this blog within a day or three of the debate.

Copied-and-pasted from an email I received:

Join Thousands across America tuning in on March 30 to…

The Great Debate: Is There Evidence for God?

Two Really Smart Guys Go Head to Head to debate the existence of God on a live, streaming video. Dr. William Lane Craig (Christian Philosopher and Theologian from Talbot School of Theology) will debate Dr. Lawrence Krauss (Theoretical Physicist from Arizona State University) on the question, “Is There Evidence For God?”

The debate will stream live on the web on the night of March 30, beginning at 7 PM.

It is suggested you log on to view the debate on the web at least 15 minutes prior to the event, to make sure everything on your computer is set up correctly. If you cannot watch it then, the debate will be available to watch at any time after the debate is over. Some suggestions may be to watch it from your home or to set up a live showing of it for a group.

If you have friends with whom you have discussed these kinds of questions be sure to pass along this info. And then tune in and decide which side you think presents the most compelling arguments.


Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM EDT
[Note: The email stated EST, but I’m pretty sure it’s EDT. -Ed.]

Location: NC State

You can stream it live from the official website (link appears to be working now).

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Some background for each of the debaters [h/t PQ Exchange]:

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