Weekly Psalm 19: Pluto

Here is your weekly reminder of Psalm 19 — Pluto.


After nearly 10 years and three billion miles, the New Horizons spacecraft has arrived at Pluto. This image was taken by New Horizons yesterday (July 13) before it made its closest approach of about 8,000 miles.

Pluto is perhaps best known in recent times for its demotion from the ninth planet in the solar system to dwarf planet or “plutoid.” It orbits the Sun at about 40 times the Earth’s orbital distance. It is likely the largest and most massive member of the Kuiper Belt, a large collection of icy-rocky objects in the outer region of the solar system.

Pluto imaged by New Horizons. Credit: NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Psalm 19: Pluto

  1. All of the planets and moons have taken a beating; some wear it better than others. I think if you look at Pluto the right way, you can see an angel ascending on its surface.

  2. YOU DARE LAUGH? I WILL HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE OR UNMAKE PLANETS. (Well, I will be one of thousands voting on whether we call something a planet. Still. It’s power.)

  3. And that power is already going to your head.

    Soon, you’ll go mad with power, and then you’ll be planning your fortress of evil in a volcano as a mad scientist, running amok with poorly tested engines of destruction. Sharks with frickin’ lasers is the next stop.

    It’s a slippery slope, there. Tread lightly :)

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