Upcoming Lecture Events – Update

Update: My RTB talk has been changed from September to October. 

Reasons to Believe
Austin Chapter October Meeting

“Who’s Afraid of the Multiverse?”

Is the multiverse hypothesis science fiction, a plausible alternative to a God-created universe, or maybe even consistent with scripture? In this talk, I use Dr. Jeff Zweerink’s booklet as a launching point to review the history of the multiverse, the different multiverse models, the scientific nature of the multiverse, and how the multiverse hypothesis may or may not fit in with scripture. Whatever you think of its validity, Christians should have a basic understanding of this increasingly mainstream idea which is often presented as a viable alternative to a purposeful creation.

Longhorns for Christ Building
1909 University Ave.
Austin, TX 78705

Saturday, October 11
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Free and open to the public


Ratio Christi
Defending the Faith — in Turbulent Times

“How did God create the world in six days? A scientist’s perspective”

This event is designed to help prepare you to make a defense for the Word in turbulent times.

  • How can we reconcile Christianity and science?
  • Does scripture tell us that we are in a battle of ideas?
  • How can we have a good God when there is so much evil?
  • Are ancient texts really reliable?
  • If God’s not dead, why does the university think He is?
  • Can we defend the faith and still tell the Good News?

Some of the leading Christian thinkers of our time are making a case for the Christ. Join defenders of the faith, Clay Jones, J. Warner Wallace, Sarah Salviander, Dan Wallace and more for accessible apologetics training and discover practical ways to defend your faith with confidence.

Austin Ridge Bible Church
9300 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX 78733

Friday, September 26 – Saturday, September 27
Various times
Registration required