The Astronomy & Astrophysics curriculum is finished!

Our publisher decided to go ahead and roll out the Astronomy & Astrophysics curriculum for the 2014-15 school year, so we’ve been working hard to get it completed, and now it’s off to the electronic presses. We’ve got a few families who are beta-testing the curriculum, and will hopefully get some helpful feedback. The curriculum will be offered for sale on and Smashwords in the next couple of months, and we’ll make an announcement once it’s available. Meanwhile, we’re working on the Physics I & II curricula, which will be available for the 2015-16 school year.

Now that we’re out of super-work-mode, look for more regular posting to occur here.

3 thoughts on “The Astronomy & Astrophysics curriculum is finished!

  1. Hi, Lee, good to hear from you. And glad Micah is still interested! I’ll be posting a link as soon as the curriculum is up on Amazon.

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