Dawkins hoisted by his own petard

According to Richard Dawkins, Expert on Religion, you cannot be a Christian if you don’t meet the criteria set by an atheist — which includes secular attitudes about certain issues and failure to identify the first book of the New Testament —  even if you self-identify as a Christian. Let’s adopt Dawkins’ standard as universal. Since Dawkins, himself, fails to identify the full title of Darwin’s Origin of Species, and in desperation even utters an appeal to God, it is reasonable to conclude that he’s neither an evolutionist nor an atheist.

2 thoughts on “Dawkins hoisted by his own petard

  1. Hahahaha! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Dawkins claim he has knowledge which he clearly doesn’t have.

    The New Atheists are a sad joke.

    Here’s a question, if social Darwinism is true, how is it this current lot of vocal and known atheists are far less competent than their predecessors such as Bertrand Russell, Huxley, Spencer, et al.?

  2. An excellent question, Russell.

    In stark contrast to Dawkins et al., Bertrand Russell was authentic. He was a great man with real accomplishments, he had respect for other people’s ideas, and he was a close product of Christian society. The same goes for Huxley and Spencer, though I do note that Huxley exhibited a dismaying tendency to be dishonest in order to further his agenda.

    OTOH, all of the New Atheists (with the exception of Dennett) are pretty much just professional atheists, and they are less a product of Christian society. I think what we’re observing with them is the withering of that particular branch of the social-evolutionary tree.

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