Final voyage of Atlantis marks the end of the shuttle program

Space Shuttle Atlantis roared into space at 11:30 EDT this morning, marking the final launch in a program that started three decades ago.

This pretty well sums up my sentiments on this day:

“It’s kind of a letdown knowing we now have to rely on foreign interests” to launch American astronauts into space, said Terry Deguentz, a firefighter from St. Louis who said he was friends with one of Atlantis’s astronauts, mission specialist Sandy Magnus. “American ingenuity has been downplayed in the last decade. Once we let it go, I wonder if we can get it back.”

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One thought on “Final voyage of Atlantis marks the end of the shuttle program

  1. I watched the launch this morning. No matter how many times I’ve watched the launch, it still enthralls me. Er, enthralled, since that was the last one. When the countdown timer stopped at 31 seconds to go, I was worried they weren’t going to launch, but they started up shortly after and I was able to watch until the main booster dropped off. Amazing!

    I’m appalled NASA canned the shuttle program with no replacement program working.

    The quote from Terry is dead on.

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