“God particle” discovered?

Simulated accelerator signal of a Higgs boson

Shhh! Rumor of a signal consistent with the elusive Higgs boson (aka the “God particle”) has been leaked from the LHC. However, a spokesman for CERN has said that it’s “way, way too early” to draw any conclusions from the data.

The Higgs boson is predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics — the prevailing theory governing the organization of subatomic particles — and is supposed to explain how most subatomic particles get their mass. Physicist Peter Higgs, after whom the hypothetical particle is named, gave a formal description of the particle’s properties in a paper in 1966. Over four decades later, this is the first hint that it might actually exist. But as always in science, judgment should be deferred until the evidence is confirmed.

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