Never tell me the odds!

The Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii discovered a record-breaking 19 asteroids in one night last January, two of which are projected to come close to the Earth at some point.

Even with all of these discoveries, it’s estimated we’re tracking only about 1% of the total number of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) in the solar system. To get an idea of the distribution of all the stuff zipping around out there, check this out (seriously).

A little scary perhaps, but at least it’s not this bad:

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7 thoughts on “Never tell me the odds!

  1. The “scoundrel” bit in that clip only reminds me how bad the dialogue was in “Revenge of the Sith.” I wonder who wrote the dialogue in the asteroid scene?

  2. Lawrence Kasdan was mostly responsible for the Empire screenplay. Lucas should have hired him to write for the prequels.

  3. Someone should have sat on Lucas and let Spielberg and Kasdan do the prequels.

    Maybe they should go back and do them again with those two. Requels. It’s not like anyone would be upset if the glorified fanfics were replaced by actual movies.

  4. Requels — I love it! Hollywood is so big on remakes these days, so why not?

    My first choice for directing would’ve been Kershner, who directed Empire, but sadly he is now one with the Force.

  5. Yeah, that would have been a good choice!

    How about Bay? Sure, not much meaningful dialogue, just like the current versions, but the explosions would all that much better and have more WTF moments ;)

  6. Michael Bay directing? Hmm. I think that’s the Jeopardy! answer to the question, “How could you make the prequels even worse?” :-D

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