Last flight

The Scholar Redeemer (my friend and colleague, Dr. Robb Wilson) eloquently commemorated the last space shuttle flight yesterday

… it was truly awesome to witness so much power under complete control, doing exactly what was expected. It was amazing to have a human made device that went from sitting completely still in Florida to being over 100 miles up and over the Indian Ocean less than an hour later. Watching such a complicated machine with so much demonstrated explosive capability safely carry fellow humans completely off of our planet so quickly… there just aren’t words for it.

Please pay him a visit and read the whole thing.

The shuttle had become a bit of a dinosaur, but I couldn’t help but be moved every single time I watched one launch into space: to me there are fewer sights more awe-inspiring than a 2,000-ton spacecraft slipping the bonds of the Earth, and realizing that it is powered almost entirely by human ingenuity.

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