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SixDay Science is motivated by a love for all science, an unwavering devotion to the scientific method, and a deep faith that the disciplined search for truth has the power to lift humankind in ways we can barely imagine. We must promote and defend science because the ultimate fate of our species may well be determined in the 21st century by what science succeeds or fails to accomplish. We are faced with dwindling resources, great conflict within and among societies, and a growing spiritual void that includes but is not limited to a disabling pessimism and loss of direction around the world.

At the very least, science must find new ways to produce and deliver energy in ways that meet the needs of a growing world population while protecting the environment. Biologists must find more effective ways to fight the diseases that ravage much of humankind. And the behavioral and social studies must become true sciences by developing viable theories about individual and collective behavior. The current imbalance between the physical and behavioral sciences is probably the greatest threat we face. In this regard, people of the 21st century are like three year olds with loaded guns.

Everything we will ever do with SixDay Science will be aimed at four goals. We want to broaden and deepen peoples’ understanding of and commitment to the scientific method. We want to defend the scientific method against the political, philosophical, religious, and economic agendas that constantly work in ways that corrupt science. We want to encourage young people to strongly consider careers in science.

The last goal is special because there is within most people a deep wonder about what life and the universe are all about. Religious and philosophical speculations must necessarily become intertwined with all other human endeavors, including science. We believe that science can offer some limited, but significant, help to people in their spiritual search.  But we are troubled when the influence goes the other way, especially when philosophy or religion determines what science is allowed to do. There will always be tremendous confusion at the crossroads of science and religion, but if we all work together in an honest search for truth, we can help each other avoid getting lost.

There is a great debate taking place between Christians and secular humanists. Both sides are guilty of misrepresenting and abusing science. Young-Earth Creationists deny the findings of science in the face of overwhelming evidence. Prominent agnostics and atheists have from the time of Thomas Huxley repeatedly misused science to attack Christian beliefs and influence. The results of this are a growing alienation from and mistrust of science on the part of Christians. But even worse is the misdirection of science which is slowing down and, in some crucial instances, even halting progress in many important fields. For the sake of science and the human race, this cannot continue.

If you are as concerned about science as we are, we invite you to take part in a serious (but also hopefully fun) discussion about science and how its findings affect religious and philosophical thought. We will always respect your views and ask that you respect everyone else’s. Let’s do what we can to promote and defend science to the benefit of all people.

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